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Transforming Nursing Uniforms with Happythreads ››

Clarity Locums and Happythreads Scrubs provide nurses with comfy, durable attire. Happythreads Scrubs offer breathability and ample pockets for practicality. Nurses can customize and enjoy an exclusive discount, essential for professionalism.

Nurse's Guide to Stress Relief: Simple Techniques for a Healthier Mindset ››

Nurses, dealing with daily challenges and work stress, need to prioritize mental well-being. Clarity Locums offers budget-friendly self-care techniques for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Prioritising Sleep: A Vital Element for Healthcare Professionals ››

In healthcare, quality sleep is often overlooked but vital for well-being. At Clarity Recruitment, we prioritise sleep for healthcare workers, knowing its impact on performance and safety

Tips for Getting Through Blue Monday ››

Feeling Blue this Monday? Take a look at some of our top tips.

Stress Awareness Month ››

Today, April 1st, marks the beginning of Stress Awareness month.

Clarity Presents - Zoom Yoga ››

Clarity is delighted to share a free initiative being run by a pharmacist in the community - Zoom...

Life During Covid19 ››

Clarity is proud to work with many hard working and reliable pharmacists. We know how difficult...

Body Scan: Anxiety Management ››

At these difficult times, self care is essential. We need to set time aside to connect with...

Tips to keep both your physical and mental health in check during the Covid-19 crisis ››

These are difficult times, the Covid- 19 outbreak took us by surprise and at this moment life as we...

For Shiftworkers: How to Feel Good and Take Care of Yourself ››

Shift work can play havoc on our system and overall health with the long hours it entails.Here’s a...

Mindfulness workshop with the Mindfulness Clinic ››

Clarity was delighted to team up with the Mindfulness Clinic to bring a mindfulness workshop to our...