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Unlocking Recruitment Success ››

In the current landscape of record low employment rates, competition for top talent across industries is fiercer than ever. Attracting and retaining candidates demands a strategic approach that puts their experience in the recruitment process at the forefront.

Nurse's Guide to Stress Relief: Simple Techniques for a Healthier Mindset ››

Nurses, dealing with daily challenges and work stress, need to prioritize mental well-being. Clarity Locums offers budget-friendly self-care techniques for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Prioritising Sleep: A Vital Element for Healthcare Professionals ››

In healthcare, quality sleep is often overlooked but vital for well-being. At Clarity Recruitment, we prioritise sleep for healthcare workers, knowing its impact on performance and safety

Join us at Cardiff University School of Pharmacy Career's Fair ››

Anticipation is growing as Clarity Locums prepares to join the MPharm Career's fair at Cardiff University School of Pharmacy on February 16th, 2024.

Relocating to North Wales ››

Are you considering a change of scenery? Why not North Wales?

How to Prepare for a Successful Pharmacy Trial Day: Essential Tips and Tricks ››

A comprehensive guide to making the most of your pharmacy trial day

How to Write a Great Pharmacy CV ››

Expert tips to help you land your dream pharmacy role

Moving into Supervising Pharmacy Roles ››

Thinking of becoming a supervising pharmacist? Here are 4 reasons why it might be for you!

5 Reasons to Move from Locuming to a Full Time Pharmacy Position ››

Following our recent survey, we've put together a list of reasons why pharmacists should consider a full time role.

Pharmacy Survey Results 2023 ››

A brief summary of findings from our recent pharmacy survey.

Relocation Series: Introduction to Irish Retail Pharmacy ››

Moving to Ireland as a Pharmacist? Let us introduce you to the the basics of Irish Retail Pharmacy!

5 Ways to Prepare for your New Pharmacy Role ››

Learn the best tips and tricks for finding a new pharmacy position!

Official Document Translations for Relocating Pharmacists ››

Moving to Ireland as a pharmacist? Make sure you have your documents translated. Let us help!

TouchStore Training Session ››

TouchStore training for pharmacists happening next month

5 Tips for Finding Your Next Pharmacy Role ››

Our top tips on how to land your next pharmacy role

English Exam Reimbursement Through Clarity ››

Clarity is now offering a 100% refund for successful English Exams

Students & Newly Qualified Pharmacists: Find a Job with Clarity ››

Are you studying pharmacy? Have you recently graduated? Let Clarity Recruitment help you find your dream pharmacy role!

World Pharmacists Day ››

A message ahead of World Pharmacists Day 2022

Top Tips for Newly Qualified Pharmacists ››

Ready to get your first pharmacy job? Check out our tips!

Pharmacy Technician Jobs with Clarity ››

Looking for a new pharmacy technician role? Check out our vacant positions!

Registration with PSI (EU Pharmacist) ››

Looking to move to Ireland as a pharmacist? Here's everything you need to know about registering with the PSI.

Registration with PSI (Non-EU Pharmacist) ››

Are you thinking about working in Ireland, but received your pharmacy qualification outside of the EU? Keep reading!

Pharmacist Jobs in Ireland: Duties & Responsibilities ››

Take a look at the different types of pharmacist roles and what duties they involve!

Pharmacist Jobs in Dublin ››

At Clarity, we have a huge amount of vacant roles in the Dublin area. Read on to find out which is the right fir for you.

Relocating & Registering as a Pharmacist in Ireland (Non-EU/EEA) ››

Received your qualification outside the EU/EEA and want to move to Ireland? Keep reading!

How to Become a Pharmacist in Ireland ››

Ready to start your pharmacy career? Keep reading!

What is a Supervising Pharmacist? ››

If you’re thinking of taking your pharmacy career a step further perhaps you are eligible to become...

Support Pharmacists Jobs in Ireland ››

Learn more about the main duties and responsibilities of a support pharmacist

Pharmacy Roles With Clarity Recruitment ››

If you want to save time and find the perfect role, choose Clarity.

How To Be A Superb Pharmacy Technician ››

Being a pharmacy technician is not an easy job, so it’s important to make sure you have all the tools and skills you need to excel in your career

TouchStore Training ››

On Friday 4th February, Clarity hosted a training webinar with TouchStore’s Peter White, who gave a thorough presentation on the dispensing process of the TouchStore Rx365 system.

Work as a Pharmacist in Northern Ireland ››

Are you interested in working in Northern Ireland as a pharmacist?30K pound starting salary
40h per...

EU Pharmacists: Registering as a pharmacist in Ireland ››

To practice as a pharmacist in Ireland, all community pharmacists must be registered with the...

UK and NI pharmacists registration in Ireland ››

All pharmacists wishing to practice in the Republic of Ireland must be registered with the...

Vaccination Pharmacists Needed ››

Clarity is recruiting vaccination pharmacists for several pharmacies across the country!In order to...

Are you registered with the PSI but not living in Ireland? ››

Attention all pharmacists who are already registered with the PSI who are not currently living or...

IPU Coronavirus resources ››

IPU Coronavirus resources

Registration as a pharmacist in Northern Ireland - Update ››

The UK left the European Union on January 31 and is now in a transition period until December 31...

Pharmacy Jobs in Ireland ››

Are you a pharmacist thinking about making a career move?Looking for a change of pace or a higher...

What type of experience do you need to work in Hospital pharmacy? ››

Hospital pharmacists are highly specialized pharmacists with a very important role in...

MSc Clinical Pharmacy in UCC (Ireland) ››

At Clarity Healthcare, we know the importance of highly skilled and differentiated professionals in...

Types of pharmacist jobs in Ireland ››

Pharmacists in Ireland work in a number of areas and roles across the healthcare system and people...

5 reasons to move to Ireland if you are an EU Pharmacist ››

A recent article published in the online version of the business magazine, Forbes , states that one...

Working in Ireland as a Pharmacist (testimonials) ››

Do you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a pharmacist in Ireland?In this video you can...

Registration as a Pharmacist in Northern Ireland ››

If you are a European Pharmacist and you would like to work as a Pharmacist in Northern Ireland you...

Registration of Pharmacists in the UK ››

If you qualified as a pharmacist in an EEA country (European Economic Area) and wish to work in the...

What type of experience do you need to work as a pharmacist in Ireland? ››

This video is a clip from a webinar we held in our sister company, Clarity Academy.

Applying with Clarity ››

Clarity offer a FREE range of services.Request a call back Information is key - Clarity have...