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Life During Covid19

Clarity is proud to work with many hard working and reliable pharmacists. We know how difficult this time has been, and have been communicating with our pharmacy community. We are happy to share the thoughts of a pharmacist (that would like to remain anonymous), and believe that many of us can take something from these thoughtful words. 


To put things into context, this is the greatest human disaster we have ever faced in modern history,
the spread of the virus is global, not local, and it has claimed two hundred thousand lives so far and the death toll is still climbing. It is not your average flu or influenza season, there are over three
million confirmed cases worldwide so far.

The only certainty that we have is that the virus will not go away anytime soon, and if we are
becoming complacent and careless it will cost us more than ever. Keeping our heads cool and acting
reasonably is a must! There are not enough words in the vocabulary to express what you feel inside
when you see the death toll rise and think about the people we have already lost and will never
return. The sacrifices that people made are beyond any imagination (and yes we are not immune to
the virus even if we work in healthcare). There is no vaccine available or a treatment that has proven one hundred percent effective.

We are fighting a battle with an invisible cloaked virus - very contagious - and we are on the
front lines. For the moment, the only weapons we have against it are knowledge, common sense, and to avoid getting infected in the first place. Isolation can be a challenge, but that can be avoided by keeping in constant touch with people around you through technology, playing music or listening to the radio. It helps bring your surroundings to life and make things more bearable.

If you think of it, we all are living on an island and we are surrounded by water. Each year we face the storms that nature throws at us, but they do not last and we still go about our lives regardless. In the back of my mind sure that a vaccine is going to be available and a treatment will soon prove to
be effective, but until then we must be patient and wait it out.

For those travelling to work each day, try to find a place that you like a lot. A peaceful picture to end the day with. It did wonders for me, even if it meant getting home a bit later than expected.
I guess my personal experience (living through a revolution, two insurrections, disruptive changes in
the healthcare system and a financial crisis) has reminded me that, at the end of a storm, lies a rainbow. The sun is still shining, the sea is still there, stars are shining in the night sky, the birds are still singing in the morning and we are still here after all the turmoil and mishaps we faced.

And so, to all of you out there - you are not alone.
Be kind to yourselves and others.
Keep doing your part
… and we all shall emerge stronger, wiser, faster and more adaptable from this horrible situation.

And to cure the anxiety and feeling of losing personal time with dear ones, after all this passes you will have a great story to tell your children. About the quiet heroes that faced the darkest battle of their times, outnumbered, outgunned, and how they still they kept fighting for what they believed was important.

- anonymous

Posted on 30 April 2020
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