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HSE Recruitment Freeze Ended ››

We at Clarity Recruitment are thrilled to share that the recruitment freeze at the Health Service Executive (HSE) will officially end TODAY, as announced by CEO Bernard Gloster.

Unlocking Recruitment Success ››

In the current landscape of record low employment rates, competition for top talent across industries is fiercer than ever. Attracting and retaining candidates demands a strategic approach that puts their experience in the recruitment process at the forefront.

Transforming Nursing Uniforms with Happythreads ››

Clarity Locums and Happythreads Scrubs provide nurses with comfy, durable attire. Happythreads Scrubs offer breathability and ample pockets for practicality. Nurses can customize and enjoy an exclusive discount, essential for professionalism.

Nurse's Guide to Stress Relief: Simple Techniques for a Healthier Mindset ››

Nurses, dealing with daily challenges and work stress, need to prioritize mental well-being. Clarity Locums offers budget-friendly self-care techniques for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Prioritising Sleep: A Vital Element for Healthcare Professionals ››

In healthcare, quality sleep is often overlooked but vital for well-being. At Clarity Recruitment, we prioritise sleep for healthcare workers, knowing its impact on performance and safety

Join us at Cardiff University School of Pharmacy Career's Fair ››

Anticipation is growing as Clarity Locums prepares to join the MPharm Career's fair at Cardiff University School of Pharmacy on February 16th, 2024.

5 Tips for Finding Your Next Pharmacy Role ››

Our top tips on how to land your next pharmacy role

Students & Newly Qualified Pharmacists: Find a Job with Clarity ››

Are you studying pharmacy? Have you recently graduated? Let Clarity Recruitment help you find your dream pharmacy role!

How to Become a Pharmacist in Ireland ››

Ready to start your pharmacy career? Keep reading!

Pharmacy Roles With Clarity Recruitment ››

If you want to save time and find the perfect role, choose Clarity.