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Irish Medical Council - Registration Checklists ››

All doctors in Ireland must register with the Irish Medical Council (IMC). Registration routes vary based on where you qualified.

Transforming Nursing Uniforms with Happythreads ››

Clarity Locums and Happythreads Scrubs provide nurses with comfy, durable attire. Happythreads Scrubs offer breathability and ample pockets for practicality. Nurses can customize and enjoy an exclusive discount, essential for professionalism.

Nurse's Guide to Stress Relief: Simple Techniques for a Healthier Mindset ››

Nurses, dealing with daily challenges and work stress, need to prioritize mental well-being. Clarity Locums offers budget-friendly self-care techniques for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Prioritising Sleep: A Vital Element for Healthcare Professionals ››

In healthcare, quality sleep is often overlooked but vital for well-being. At Clarity Recruitment, we prioritise sleep for healthcare workers, knowing its impact on performance and safety

New role, CNM1, Homeless Services - Dublin ››

Clarity Recruitment are proud to be hiring for an amazing organisation supporting the homeless in Dublin.

Celebrating International Nurses Day 2024: Empowering Nurses Worldwide ››

As International Nurses Day approaches, we reflect on the invaluable contributions of nurses globally. This year, the theme unveiled for International Nurses Day 2024 resonates deeply with the spirit of empowerment and unity within the nursing community.

Alliance Nursing Home Exhibition February 28th ››

Clarity Recruitment are delighted to announce our attendance at the Alliance Nursing Home Exhibition in Thomond Park Conference Centre in Limerick on Wednesday the 28th of February 2024.

Free Virtual Nursing Careers Fair ››

New Year, New You? The ultimate cliche!But if you are considering a career change in 2024 come to...

HSE Recruitment Freeze: Update for Nurses ››

Important update for nurses about the current HSE recruitment freeze.

Apply Now and Start Your New Nursing Role in 2024 ››

Discover a range of nursing roles ready to start in 2024!

Nursing Pay Scale Update 2023 ››

Discover the changes to your salary this October!

Return to Practice as a Nurse ››

Been out of practice for more than 5 years? Learn more about returning to work!

Nursing Portfolio: Why You Should Start One Now! ››

We've put together a guide on everything you need to know about nursing portfolios!

Relocating Nurse: Holiday Entitlements in Ireland ››

Learn more about the benefits of working in Ireland as a nurse.

The Importance of References in Nursing ››

Discover more about the importance of having references for securing a new nursing position.

Clarity Locums is Now on the HSE Tender ››

We have some news that is a game changer for nurses!

Ever Considered a Career in Plastic Surgery as a Nurse? ››

We're hiring nurses in Wicklow!

Training Requirements for Nurses Relocating to Ireland ››

Are you a nurse considering a move to Ireland? Here's your guide to training and development opportunities!

Why Choose Galway for your Next Nursing Role ››

Find out the top spots to visit in Galway on your days off!

UK Trained Nurses Returning to Work in Ireland ››

Thinking of returning to work in Ireland? Make your journey as easy as possible with our guide!

Pregnancy and Switching Roles ››

Considering a job change while pregnant? Learn about your rights in the blog below!

NMBI Statement of Strategy 2023-2025 ››

Discover the NMBI's strategic vision for advancing nursing and midwifery in Ireland.

We're Attending Sláintecare 2023! ››

We're attending Ireland's biggest nursing event of the year!

NHI Urgent Call for Action ››

A recent report published by the NHI calls for urgent action to tackle the issues currently being faced by nursing homes in Ireland.

New Nursing Jobs: Summer Sneak Peak ››

Find out what jobs are coming with Clarity over the summer months!

New Nursing Home Partnership ››

Discover exciting opportunities with our new nursing home partnership this Summer.

Celebrating International Nurses Week ››

Learn more about International Nurses Week 2023.

Salaries and Allowances for Relocating Nurses ››

Are you moving to Ireland to pursue nursing? Learn more about the salaries you can expect!

Irish Therapy Dogs ››

Learn more about Irish Therapy Dogs in our latest blog post!

Clinical Nurse Manager 2 Role in Cork Blood Transfusion Clinic ››

Find out more today about our new partnership with a Cork based blood transfusion clinic

7 Reasons to Choose Cork for Your Next Nursing Role ››

Thinking of moving to Cork? Check out these top 7 attractions to pass the time in between your nursing shifts!

Sláintecare: What Does it Mean for Nurses? ››

Learn more about Sláintecare and the opportunities it presents for nurses in Ireland.

Community Nurse Roles in Ireland ››

We're hiring community nurses all over the country. Learn more or apply today!

Nursing Home Closures ››

Nursing homes from across Ireland have signed an open letter to the Taoiseach...

Relocation Series: Introduction to Nursing In Ireland ››

Moving to Ireland as a nurse? Let us take you through the basics of nursing in Ireland!

Nurses Have Your Say - INMO Survey 2023 ››

The INMO want your opinion!

Questions to Ask in a Nursing Interview ››

Be prepared for the final part of your nursing interview with these handy questions!

Employment Visas in Ireland ››

Before moving to Ireland, you'll need to make sure you have the correct type of VISA. We've laid out the 9 different types of employment permits granted in Ireland.

Sick Leave Entitlement ››

New sick pay regulations are coming into effect January 1st, 2023. Stay up to date!

Why Should You Work with Clarity Recruitment? ››

Looking for nurses for your business? Here's why you should consider Clarity!

RCSI Overseas Aptitude Test ››

We've outlined the RCSI Overseas Aptitude Test in our latest blog!

AIM Partnership ››

We're delighted to announce our new partnership!

UCC Nursing Event ››

We were invited to speak at the UCC Nursing Event!

Relocating Nurse? Another Reason to Choose Ireland ››

Thinking about starting a nursing career in Ireland? Here's a few reasons why you should!

NMBI Registration Renewal ››

Important updates regarding NMBI Registration renewals

Options for NMBI Decision Letter Holders ››

Have you registered with the NMBI? Received your decision letter and not sure what way to...

New Year, New Nursing Career: Get a Head Start on 2023 ››

Looking to change careers in the new year? Now's the time to start looking!

Nursing Salaries: Ireland vs. the UK ››

Moving to Ireland as a nurse? Compare your UK Salary today using our handy guide!

Official Document Translation for Relocating Nurses ››

Thinking of working in Ireland as a nurse? Clarity are here to help you with your document translations!

Nursing Home Closures ››

Our take on the recent closure of nursing homes around the country

English Exam Reimbursement Through Clarity ››

Clarity is now offering a 100% refund for successful English Exams

Interview Questions for Nurses ››

Do you have a nursing interview coming up? Have a read of our four most asked interview questions & learn how to answer them!

How to Complete a Great CV for Nursing ››

Need to spruce up your nursing CV? Here's how your resume can help you land the job!

Haddington Road Agreement ››

What will the Haddington Road Agreement mean for nurses?

Step by Step Guide to Registering as a Nurse with the NMBI ››

Read our step by step guide for registering with the NMBI

Tips for Surviving the Night Shift ››

Have your first overnight nursing shift coming up? Take a look at our top ten tips to help you make it through the night!

Registering to Work as a Nurse in Ireland - Trained in the EU ››

Working as a nurse in Ireland is highly covetable; Irish Nurses are considered the best trained in...


Nurses: Please be aware of this recent scam.

Why Apply for Nursing Jobs Through Clarity? ››

Find your next Nursing Role with Clarity

Why Move to Ireland as a Nurse? ››

Thinking about relocating? Here's why you should consider Ireland!

Advantages of Agency Nursing ››

Find out the key advantages of agency nursing and decide if it's right for you!

Registering to Work as a Nurse in Ireland - Trained outside the EU ››

If you are interested in working as a nurse in Ireland but have training outside of the EU, keep reading!

Hot Nursing Jobs for the Summer ››

Learn more about our nursing positions, available nationwide!

Registering to Work as a Nurse in Ireland - Trained outside the EU ››

The benefits of working in Nursing in Ireland are also extensive. If you've trained outside of the EU keep reading to find out more!

How to Complete a Great Personal Profile for Agency Nursing ››

Land the job with the perfect personal profile for agency nursing!

Registration Frustration ››

Ever wonder what goes wrong when registering to become a nurse? Keep reading!

Becoming a Healthcare Assistant in Ireland ››

Interested in becoming a Healthcare Assistant? Here's how!

Staff Nursing vs. Agency Nursing: Which is best for you? ››

Both staff nursing and agency nursing are highly sought after in Ireland so it’s important to compare both and see which works better for you.

New Year, New You, New Job -Time to Kickstart Your Job Search! ››

If you are thinking of making that much-needed career change in 2022, we are here to help you every step of the way! From your first initial interest to that dream role you’ve always wanted right up until you walk in the doors to your new job, we are here to support you.

Becoming a Nurse in Ireland ››

Nursing is a demanding profession both physically and emotionally but also very rewarding. In...

How the pandemic changed nurses' views on their careers ››

The pandemic reminded us of the vital role that health professionals, like nurses, play in society...

Nursing Careers Consultation ››

Looking to take the next step in your career progression?The most important question to ask...

Thinking of change in 2022? ››

If a new job, new role, change of pace or indeed change of scene is part of your goals why not put Clarity Recruitment down as one of your first steps?

Working as a Nurse in Ireland ››

Are you a Nurse looking for a job opportunity in Ireland? There are several opportunities available...