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HSE Recruitment Freeze Ended ››

We at Clarity Recruitment are thrilled to share that the recruitment freeze at the Health Service Executive (HSE) will officially end TODAY, as announced by CEO Bernard Gloster.

Unlocking Recruitment Success ››

In the current landscape of record low employment rates, competition for top talent across industries is fiercer than ever. Attracting and retaining candidates demands a strategic approach that puts their experience in the recruitment process at the forefront.

Irish Medical Council - Registration Checklists ››

All doctors in Ireland must register with the Irish Medical Council (IMC). Registration routes vary based on where you qualified.

Prioritising Sleep: A Vital Element for Healthcare Professionals ››

In healthcare, quality sleep is often overlooked but vital for well-being. At Clarity Recruitment, we prioritise sleep for healthcare workers, knowing its impact on performance and safety

10 Tips for General Practitioners Relocating to Ireland ››

Make the move to Ireland as a GP with these useful tips!

Medical Portfolio: The Ultimate Guide for General Practitioners! ››

We've put together a guide on everything you need to know about medical portfolios!

Training in Ireland to Work as a General Practitioner ››

Discover the steps to work as a General Practitioner in Ireland for local and international candidates.

Working as a General Practitioner in Ireland - Qualifications ››

Discover the qualifications required to work as a General Practitioner in Ireland

The Role of a General Practitioner in Ireland ››

Discover the vital role of General Practitioners (GPs) in Ireland's healthcare system.

IMC Registration Renewal ››

Registration renewal due for Irish doctors!

Safe Start Guide for Relocating GPs ››

Read and learn more about the The Irish Medical Council's comprehensive Safe Start guide!

GP Roles Available for Summer ››

Looking for General Practitioner jobs in Ireland? Find out more today!

4 Questions to Ask in a General Practitioner Interview ››

Getting ready for an upcoming interview? Here are 5 questions to help you through it!

ICGP Urgent Action Request ››

Family doctors - Ireland needs you!

EU GPs Needed in Ireland ››

Calling all EU GPs! We need you!

Employment Visas in Ireland ››

Before moving to Ireland, you'll need to make sure you have the correct type of VISA. We've laid out the 9 different types of employment permits granted in Ireland.

Completing a CV for General Practitioner Roles in Ireland ››

Looking for a new role as a GP? First thing you'll need is a good CV!

Thinking of Relocating to Ireland to Work as a General Practitioner? ››

Check out some of the reasons why you should move to Ireland as GP!

GPs: Apply Now to Start in January! ››

Thinking of finding a new career in the new year? Now is the time to start looking!

English Exam Reimbursement Through Clarity ››

Clarity is now offering a 100% refund for successful English Exams

Registering with the Irish Medical Council (for Non EU Candidates) ››

Moving to Ireland as a General Practitioner? The first thing you will need to do in order to...

Registering with the Irish Medical Council (for EU Candidates) ››

An easy step-by-step guide on how to register with the IMC as an EU Doctor.

Indemnity Cover Support ››

Thinking of locuming? The main thing you will need to consider as a GP is indemnity cover. Read our latest blog to find out more!

The Benefits of Working as a Locum GP in Ireland ››

Thinking about working as a Locum GP in Ireland? Find out some of the benefits now!

General Practitioners: Relocating & Working in Ireland ››

Calling all EU Doctors! Ireland needs you!