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Why Move to Ireland as a Nurse?

Thinking of relocating? Why Ireland is the right choice for Nurses

Nursing is one of the most fantastic career choices that allows you to relocate and work throughout the world! An amazing 75% of nurses choose to relocate temporarily or migrate in order to continue their work or profession. If you are considering relocating or migrating to another country let us show you the highlights of why to choose Ireland over any other European country.

Highest Salaries for Nurses in Europe

In Ireland, nurses can earn up to €50,211 depending on years of experience. If you have specialisation you can earn even more. This does not include premium rates that are offered for overnight and weekend working. The INMO has a nursing salary scale, for every year of experience after graduation you increase on the salary scale. With further education, dual qualifications and management experience you can earn up to €60,000. The full breakdown of the salary scale can be viewed here.

Professional Recognition

If you have graduated and trained in the EU as a nurse you can apply to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland for automatic recognition of your qualifications in Ireland. The process takes on average around 12 weeks currently. We have another blog post on this which can be viewed here. During the process you can actively apply for roles to ensure you have a contract of employment once your qualification has been recognised and you receive your NMBI pin number to practice as a Nurse in Ireland.

Best Work/Life balance

Work/life balance is becoming increasingly important.
Depending on the type of role or facility you wish to apply or work for most of the contracts of employment in Ireland would have a standard working week of 39 hours. Most organisations would break this down as follows:

  • 3 days a week, 12-13 hour shifts
  • 5 days a week, 7.5 hour shifts

Ireland has been ranked in the top 10 countries for a good work/life balance, whereas the UK comes in at 23rd.

tower at the cliffs of moher, ireland, on a sunny day

Holiday Pay and Public Holiday Entitlement

From 2022 Ireland has 10 Public Holiday days whereas the UK only has 8. That’s an extra two days leave you are entitled to outside of the normal Holiday allowance.
Paid holiday allowance starts at 20, currently most Hospital settings give 25 days paid holidays which increases with length of service. For example if you work with a company for five years you can get an extra 5 days holiday allowance from the 6th working year.

Further Education and Development

Another great reason to choose Ireland for your career as a nurse is the possibility of further education. Most clients that we work with today offer Paid development opportunities. Some previous candidates have gone on to complete a Postgraduate and Masters. Another area to consider is the possibility of increasing your management experience and advancing to Nursing Managers in a wide range of areas and specialities. We work with clients who frequently pay for the education of their staff with numerous colleges and universities including RCSI.

European English Speaking Country

Many nurses prefer Ireland or the UK because of the English language and are divided on which country to choose. However with Brexit comes issues with working in the UK now requiring travel and working Visas. Whereas Ireland does not have this obstacle.

Irish Healthcare System

Ignoring the fact you will be working in the Irish Healthcare System, it is also important to review what the system is like in the Country you wish to relocate to, if you are to fall ill or require medical attention. Most of our current vacancies offer Fully Paid Private Health Insurance, which is a HUGE benefit to consider when applying for a new role. Peace of mind that all expenses will be covered should you fall ill.
However it is important to mention that Ireland's Health Care system was voted the 11th best in the world and the UK came in 12 places behind that!
You can get more information on how the Health Care System in Ireland works here.

aerial view of the river lifey and samuel beckett bridge in dublin, ireland

Irish Culture

Ireland is one of the only Countries in the world where our national Holiday of Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated Worldwide. From New York USA to Sydney in Australia on the 17th of March the world ‘turns green’ to show love and appreciation for everything Irish unlike any other Country in the world.
There are many reasons why this is celebrated globally but the reason it has stayed around for so long is the Irish Culture! Ireland is considered to be one of the most friendly and welcoming countries.


Famous for its Green Countryside, breathtaking views, lengthy coastal line and our local food and drink, Ireland is a small country with a long list of things to do and places to see. The real advantage lies in the fact that if you were to base yourself in Dublin you are within 3 to 4 hours drive of all Counties in Ireland. Here are some websites that will give you a better overview of what Ireland has to offer - whether it be on your days off or a mini staycation holiday. Discover Ireland, Planetware, Nordic Visitor and Lonely Planet.

Work in a Economically Growing Country

In recent years Ireland has had very strong economic growth. Some of the world's largest multinational companies are headquartered in Ireland. Ireland's growth has led to better living standards and a better quality of life for its residents and the trend is set to continue.

Job Stability

Job stability is also something to consider. As Ireland has an ageing population the demand for healthcare services and professionals will only increase in the coming years. Relocating to Ireland to work as a nurse with Clarity means we will ensure a full contract of employment which offers you peace of mind on job security as you choose your relocation plan.

Relocation Support Available

If you are considering relocating to work in Ireland as a nurse Clarity have a wide range of services to support you FREE of charge. From CV review, interview preparation to negotiation on offers. Contracts of employment and even a relocation or sign on bonus to pay for your flights, registration and accommodation.

Please feel free to get in touch today with our dedicated EU recruiter at [email protected] or book a call back at a time that suits you here.

Posted on 17 June 2022 by Laura Mulchrone & Andreia Castro
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