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Support Pharmacists in Ireland

In Ireland there are two main types of pharmacists that work in retail/community pharmacy settings: Support pharmacists and supervising pharmacists.

Once you register as a pharmacist in Ireland you will then be suitable for any support pharmacist job, or if you prefer working in a number of different stores, you can also be a relief pharmacist.

Each pharmacy in Ireland must legally have a supervising pharmacist. Normally the support pharmacist either works on the supervising pharmacists days off or alongside them in a busy store.

The main duties of these roles include:

  • To operate the dispensary in accordance with all the legal responsibilities pertaining to the profession of pharmacy
  • To exercise all aspects of law, ethics and codes of practice as laid down by the Irish Pharmaceutical Society.
  • To provide a safe and efficient dispensing service to all customers in accordance with pharmacy guidelines.
  • To ensure the safe and effective delivery of medicines to all customers
  • To interact with other health professionals
  • Active management of the Monthly submissions to Payment Boards
  • Pro-active management and follow up of the claims rejected
  • To build and maintain relationships with local Doctors and other health professionals
  • Seek to acquire new business through proactively approaching Nursing Homes and other relevant institutions
  • Any other projects and duties where they arise
  • Dealing with government and private scripts
  • Some stores may also use healthmail, a email script system that comes directly from the doctor
  • Some stores may have nursing home, methadone or blister pack patients

If you have any further questions about the role or responsibilities of a support pharmacist, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Posted on 10 March 2022 by Claire Timmon
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