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Pharmacist Jobs in Ireland: Duties & Responsibilities

Ireland is a great country to work and live in as a pharmacist. Before you decide to start your career, there are a few options to consider. What type of pharmacy role do you want to have? Are you aware of what duties and responsibilities a pharmacist takes on? We'll discuss both in the blog post below.

Types of Pharmacists

When working as a community pharmacist in Ireland you have several options to choose from. Here at Clarity, we have jobs to suit everyone! Keep reading to find out more.

Once you register as a pharmacist with the PSI, you will be eligible to work in any support pharmacist job. As a support pharmacist, you will work in one pharmacy, alongside a supervising pharmacist. Read more about support pharmacists here.

After 3 years of post-registration experience, you are eligible to become a supervising pharmacist. As a supervising pharmacist, you will take on more responsibilities, including being legally responsible for overseeing one pharmacy and ensuring that it is fully compliant with the Pharmacy Act (2007). Read more about supervising pharmacists here.

Relief / Locum:
As a relief or locum pharmacist, you will fill in as a temporary replacement when a pharmacy's regular pharmacist cannot come into work. You may work in an array of different pharmacies each week, or stay for several days to fill gaps on the roster. Head over to our Locum website to find out more:


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What does a pharmacist do?

It is impossible for a single job description to cover the vast range of duties and responsibilities that pharmacists in Ireland perform every day. What is needed from you will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy; duties required in independently owned pharmacies may differ to what is required by large chains. Below is a list of just some of the duties and responsibilities you might expect to perform as a pharmacist.

  • To advise patients about medicines, detailing how and when to take them, and any possible side effects
  • To ensure that the medicines prescribed to patients are suitable
  • To operate the dispensary in accordance with all the legal responsibilities pertaining to the profession of pharmacy
  • To exercise all aspects of law, ethics and codes of practice as laid down by the Irish Pharmaceutical Society
  • To administer flu vaccines
  • To administer COVID-19 vaccines
  • To ensure the safe supply of methadone treatment
  • To seek to acquire new business through proactively approaching Nursing Homes and other relevant institutions
  • To interact and build relationships with local doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • To provide treatments to minor ailments under the minor alignment scheme
  • Some stores may have nursing home, methadone or blister pack patients

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Bring Clarity to your job search

Clarity Recruitment offers one-to-one career consultations where we can help you on your way to your dream pharmacist career. Book in with us at a time and date that suits you and we can discuss your skills and career objectives, take a look at suitable job opportunities, and offer support with CV creation and interview preparation. Contact one of our expert recruiters below:

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In the meantime, feel free to take a look at our latest pharmacy vacancies here. We have a number of support and supervising pharmacist jobs all over Ireland.


Posted on 13 May 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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