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The benefits of working in Ireland as a nurse

With the expertise and training in Ireland, Irish nurses are highly valued and sought after worldwide.

Since the beginning of nursing with Florence Nightingale in the 1800’s, there has been a positive progression, particularly in Ireland. Ireland boasts of many specialised job roles since the introduction of the nursing degree in 2002. The nursing degree professionalised the nursing profession and increased the scope of professional development with a range of post-graduate courses available like the advanced nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist.

In regards to working as a nurse in Ireland, there is good supervision, guidance and training, especially for newly qualified nurses or nurses in a new role. A mentor is normally provided to guide, supervise and help for the first few weeks. If longer is needed, that can be provided.

There are also many interesting nursing roles available across the country or even specialised roles, such as radiology nursing, community nursing, clinical nurse specialist in pain management or an emergency nurse practitioner, where the nurse again will gain more or new experience which in turn increases likelihood of working in role the nurse desires.

Certain hospitals sponsor staff nurses for further education such as a master's degrees in nursing or to work in another country for 1-2 years which helps them gain further expertise and experience which is a great benefit to that nurse on return to nursing in Ireland.

Irish hospital wards are known for being very welcoming, camaraderie, support from fellow staff members, team work and making the most of the shift together. A real sense of dedication, community and friendship comes along with working on a ward in Ireland.

An advantage to nursing in Ireland is that not only are our policies and procedures kept up-to-date, we have quite a few education sessions which keeps our practise and skills current. Newer technologies are being used and it’s a great benefit to become familiar with it as it helps the nurse carry out their work in a more efficient manner.

Posted on 25 March 2019 by Amy Scott
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