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Basics of Irish Pharmacy (online course)

Learn the Basics of Irish Pharmacy with Excellent Pharmacist Academy Online webinar class.

You can access the course here and start learning now!


About the Excellent Pharmacist Academy:

The Excellent Pharmacist Academy, founded by a practicing pharmacist, Ayo Onamusi, will teach you about the laws and systems of Irish pharmacies. During the online course you will learn all the administrative and legal information that is required to be work as a Community Pharmacist in Ireland.


Course Curriculum
This Online Course is divided into 3 main Modules.

Legal Module: where you will learn all the relevant legislation in relation to Pharmacy to ensure you do not break any laws which may be different from where you work now

PCRS Module: where you will learn about all the schemes which you will be using to dispense medicines. There are 12 prescription schemes and we teach you how to process them as well as the rules.

Admin Module: In this module, we go through more of the administrative tasks that are associated with each scheme and their prescriptions and what you do with the prescription.


To learn more about the course modules you can see it here.


Posted on 17 January 2019
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