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Attention all Newly Qualified Pharmacists

Opportunities for newly qualified pharmacists

As a pharmacist you can work in a variety of different settings, meaning there are a lot of opportunities for you to choose from. Clarity currently has over 100 Support Pharmacist jobs with chains, groups and independent pharmacies all over Ireland making sure there is something to suit you and your needs! We work with all pharmacy groups so the benefit of applying through Clarity means you only have to submit one application.

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How much can I earn as a newly qualified?

Salaries for Irish Pharmacists vary widely depending on the candidate’s experience (previous technician work etc), pharmacies’ locations and many other factors.

Each company offers their own payment structures and benefits, which makes it difficult to pinpoint an exact salary. However, an average pay for newly qualified pharmacists in Ireland is somewhere between €28-33 per hour (€58,000-€68,000).

Why choose Clarity to apply for roles?

  • Clarity gives you feedback at every stage of the application process, even once your CV is approved by the client you get an update!
  • Clarity helps with your CV to make sure it stands out
  • You only need to apply once and Clarity will pick out suitable jobs to match your needs and apply to them all on your behalf
  • Clarity preps you for interviews so you have the best chance of getting the role - we have all previous questions noted and can help you with sample answers
  • Once you have interviewed we will then gather feedback and communicate this with you - again linking in with you at every stage of the process
  • Clarity organises paid trial days so you can work in the pharmacy before making a decision
  • Clarity sends you an offer letter so you have full details and confidence before handing in your notice
  • Clarity can also negotiate and clarify terms before acceptance
  • If relocating, Clarity helps with finding accommodation and much more
  • Clarity makes sure all contract details are sent

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