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English Courses for EU Healthcare Professionals

Clarity Recruitment is pleased to announce a new partnership with Youvvolution!

Youvvolution is a company that provides language training for healthcare professionals, such as pharmacists, nurses, doctors and other professionals, who want to work in Ireland or the UK and need to get their language certificates (IELTS or CAE).

If you need to prepare for your English exam and don't have time to attend a language school in person, you can prepare for IELTS or CAE exam online with them!

The courses are designed for Pharmacists and Nurses who are in need of developing communication skills in English, in a way that allows them to embrace a new professional challenge in a safe and effective way.


Active, demonstration and expository methods in an online/e-learning setting, with live classes on Youvvolution’s platform. Presentations and game-based exercises for contextual learning. Small group instruction (5 to 7 persons, max.).

The full 60 hours are done in approximately 2 months.

Course objectives:

  • Communicate using the correct Healthcare terminology;
  • Successfully tackling the IELTS / CAE exam;
  • Identifying the specificities of the English culture;
  • Understand English grammar rules;
  • Use English to communicate effectively with other people in the various contexts of one’s daily life, both in professional and in social settings.

Course program:

  • placement test*
  • 20 hours for general training for the exam
  • 8 hours for the first part of the IELTS / CAE practice test
  • 4 hours for evaluating results and identifying improvement areas
  • 8 hours for the second part of the IELTS / CAE practice test
  • 20 hours for the final phase of preparation

*upon starting the course, they offer all students an extensive evaluation of their current english level: in 2 hours, they’ll be assessing your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills

Candidates who take the English course through Youvvolution and get a job through Clarity Recruitment will benefit from a free English course!

For more information about the English courses please contact:

Posted on 17 September 2021
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