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Clarity partners with SureSitter to help parents find childcare

Due to the consequences of the COVID-19 measures introduced in Ireland, there has been the need for parents to find alternative childcare. 

Clarity and Suresitter are aware of the pressure this is putting on families and have decided to partner up. To try help in some small way, there will be no charges to parents for using SureSitter for the next month.

If you are looking for either babysitters or childminders over the coming weeks, as always it is free to post a job on SureSitter, and now parents can connect with sitters and childminders for free using the below discount code.


If you are connecting with a childminder for the first time consider doing so by video call to see if they are a good fit and then arrange a meeting in person.

To support social distancing and minimise risk, it is recommended that childminders:

  • Keep numbers of children to a minimum,
  • Do not work if they have symptoms,
  • Do not care for children who have symptoms,
  • Consider prioritising children of essential frontline workers.

About Suresitter:

SureSitter supports and connects families with trusted, local childminders and babysitters through our online community. Our aim is to provide parents with the tools necessary to enable them to quickly and easily find trusted childcare.  We also offer a complete payroll service helping to ensure that parents are tax compliant and saving them time and stress when hiring a childminder.

Posted on 18 March 2020 by Anthony O'Neill
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