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Why pharmacists move from the UK or Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland

Why pharmacists move from the UK or Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland:


  • Quick and easy registration process with the PSI
  • High base salary starting from €60,000 for newly qualified, €75,000+ for supervising 3+ years experience
  • Past experience recognised
  • Easy to find work ( we can apply to multiple pharmacies for you) 
  • Excellent benefits ( Fees, bonus, pension etc.) 
  • Flexible hours and 4 day weeks 
  • Full Training provided
  • Offers and contracts issued before moving
  • Relocation packages
  • Work/ life balance
  • Opportunity for shares in some organisations ( Supervising Roles)
  • Minimum of 29 days holidays (including public holidays)
  • Airports within a few hours drive of all locations within Ireland
  • Perm and temp opportunities
  • Full and part time roles
  • Average training time 2 weeks fully paid as a pharmacist
  • PSI ( Pharmacy Society of Ireland) fees paid
  • Fully confidential 

Benefits explained:

1. Quick and easy process
New Route for the UK and NI to get registered with the Pharmacy Society of Ireland (PSI) since leaving the EU route. Find out more information here. If you studied in English, you will not be asked to take the English exam nor will you have to do an adaptation period. You can be registered in as little as 4 weeks once your documentation is submitted.

2. Salaries
Starting salary for a pharmacist in Ireland as of 2021 have been between 60-70K, depending on location, prior experience, rota and pharmacy (based on research 2020/2021). This salary then goes up with experience. For supervising roles this starts at 75K.

3. PSI and IPU Fees
Most pharmacies will pay PSI and IPU fees on behalf of their employees. This can be agreed once you accept a job offer.

4. Relocation packages
Some pharmacies will pay a relocation package or extra salary for anyone relocating. This can be between 2-4K, depending on the experience and salary offer.

5. Bonus
Most chain pharmacies would have a KPI bonus structure in place or rewards linked to performance.

6. Public holidays & Annual leave
This is between 4-5 weeks per year depending on the employer plus 9+ public holiday days. Minimum 20 days for full time employees working 5 days per week.

7. Rota
Most pharmacies will have a flexible rota with shared weekend work if required. You can get 3 days off together if going back home. 4 day week available. 

8. Training
All training will be provided and Clarity will also send you a summary of the schemes in the Republic of Ireland to look over before you make the move. Training can take between 2-4 weeks and it is paid.

9. Accommodation
Help finding accommodation and a location that suits your needs and budget.

10. Locations in Ireland
Many pharmacists choose to opt for Dublin and Cork as these areas have an airport that fly to and from NI/UK. However, areas such as Limerick, Tipperary, Kildare and many more are only a short drive from the airports and may offer better packages or could be a better fit for you. The rent and cost of living are also considerably much lower. Our expert recruiters with 10+ years of pharmacist recruitment experience will guide you through each step and put you forward to the right pharmacies based on your preferences.

11. Expertise
Clarity has been working with pharmacists since 2011 and has since developed cutting edge technology which allows pharmacists to apply for jobs and locums within seconds. We thrive to offer excellent customer service and believe communication is the most important part of any of our processes. Clarity’s staff will assist you not only in your job search but will also offer career guidance, CV editing, Interview preparation and keep you informed at every step of the application process.

12. Apply in seconds
If applying via Clarity we can arrange online interviews within 24 hours for you. We work with all pharmacy chains and independents so all you have to do is apply with us once and we will submit your application to multiple employers in order to maximise your chances of getting an offer. We also offer interview preparation and go through questions asked in the past.

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Posted on 09 September 2021 by Claire Timmon
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