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We're Attending Sláintecare 2023!

Come visit us in the All Ireland Nursing Festival Sláintecare: Nursing's Challenge

Clarity Recruitment will be attending and exhibiting at this year's All Ireland Nursing Festival: Sláintecare on Thursday the 29th June in The Helix in Dublin.

Come join us and say hello! Have a chat and pick up some goodies, of course!

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About the Sláintecare: Looking to the Future

Sláintecare is an All Ireland Festival showcasing the nursing world's best practices, leading specialists and innovative research, with the aim of helping nursing leaders, practising nurses and health care workers to learn more and deliver better integrated care.

The shape of health services is changing across Ireland and nursing is at the forefront. With nursing leadership central to all the great challenges of health care in the future, we will see new career, education and training paths open up. The event aims to provide an insightful overview of topics such as how to meet the care of the older person, public health improvements, primary care services, child and infant monitoring, the management of chronic diseases and long-term care, plus the development of wellbeing and healthy lifestyles for the public and for nursing staff.

Programme Highlights

This festival offers an exciting lineup of events and seminars designed to equip nursing leaders, practicing nurses, and healthcare workers with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the evolving healthcare landscape. Here are some of the programme highlights:

  • Understand how Sláintecare policies will affect your institution, your practice and your career.
  • Examine the digital opportunities opened up by the online experience.
  • Focus on menopause, its impact into health care strategies and understanding its impact for nursing staff
  • Taking care of the environment – The challenge for nursing and health services.

You can read and review the full programme of events here.

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Posted on 02 June 2023 by Laura Mulchrone
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