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TouchStore Training Session

At Clarity, we know the importance of continuous career development and training for pharmacists. It's vital to stay up to date on the latest pharmacy technologies and software, and a lack of knowledge in these areas can sometimes effect where you work. To give you the best opportunity of finding work, we've teamed up with TouchStore to deliver a free, online training session for pharmacists on how to use their dispensary software system.

Details of the Event

The event will take place on Tuesday 22nd November at 2pm. The training will be ONLINE and free of charge for anyone to join.

The aim of this training session is to leave you feeling confident using the TouchStore Rx system, and provide you with skills that open more job opportunities for you.

During the webinar you will learn how to use the key ordering and dispensing features of the system. This will then be followed by a live Q&A session, where the team from TouchStore will answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Sign up for the webinar here

Have any questions? Send them to Hannah at [email protected]. Hope to see you all there!

Posted on 17 October 2022
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