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Thinking of change in 2022?

Every year thousands of people sit and reflect - the year just gone? The year ahead? What personal goals do they want to achieve? What career goals or changes would they like to make?

With 2022 just beginning I sat down and gave myself a list of 10 focuses for the year ahead, using some online help and blogs! Setting specific goals and writing them down is key in achieving your desired results. But more importantly, reviewing and assessing what ACTIONS you need to take to get yourself there.

If a new job, new role, change of pace or indeed change of scene is part of your goals why not put Clarity Recruitment down as one of your first steps? We at Clarity have a wide range of free services to support you in making the right move this new year, including:

Free Career Consultations and Guidance

Talk to an expert to find jobs that are suitable for you in terms of position, location, salary, benefits, and working hours. If you want to climb the ladder or want a change in your career, our specialists will focus on making this possible.

CV Guidance

We can help with writing and updating your CV to ensure it exceeds professional standards and stands out from the crowd.

Interview Preparation, Mock Interviews, and Real Interview Question Examples

If you are at the stage where you have a job interview coming up, doing a trial run can give you the preparation you need to nail the real thing! A mock interview can help you formulate smart, detailed answers and show you where your weak spots are. We can provide helpful guidance and feedback as well as more sample questions to allow you to prepare to maximise your chance of success.

And much much more!

Meet the nursing team;

Laura Mulchrone, Head of Nursing and Medical Recruitment specialises in permanent full and part-time roles in Ireland. Book a chat with Laura here. Laura loves to chat!! And regularly gets side tracked on the phone while trying to do her job!

Abbie Foran, Nursing and Medical Recruitment Consultant, specialising in Agency and permanent roles throughout Ireland. Abbie is highly motivated so she will be sure to get you to where you want to be! Book a chat with Abbie here.

Why not have a look at our open roles here

Posted on 01 January 2020 by Laura Mulchrone
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