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The Benefits of Working as a Locum GP in Ireland

The shortage of family physicians in Ireland is an ongoing issue, which means there is always a demand for Locum GPs to cover days off, sickness, and holiday blocks. Here are Clarity we have plenty of opportunities for general practitioners and the benefits of working as a Locum GP are endless! Keep reading to find out more:

Travel & explore while working at the same time

Ever wanted to explore different areas in Ireland? As a Locum GP, you have the opportunity to travel while you work, filling gaps in different locations around the country. Why not work for two weeks in Cork to see the amazing coastal line that is West Cork. Visit Mayo for another two weeks and take a dip in Belmullet’s world famous tidal pool? Travel to Dublin to visit the Guinness Storehouse experience and Trinity College? Locuming lets you work away from home and explore some new areas you might not have seen working in a staple, regular location.

Learn as you earn

A huge amount of learning can be achieved through working as a Locum GP. Whether you are in a large 10 people clinic or covering holidays of a single handed GP practice. It is important to remember that there is always a team to support you at every level. From nurse practitioners, practice nurse teams and the local hero that is the secretary of the practice. You can learn a range of different skills from working in different areas with different people. Not to mention the opportunity to become proficient in different softwares! 


Determine your own wage (to an extent)

With Locum opportunities you will have to sacrifice some of the benefits of securing a permanent position. The main thing to consider is: Indemnity Cover - you must have your own personal identification to practice as a Locum. As well as this, you may lose out on some of the other benefits available to contracted general practitioners such as healthcare, pension plans and paid membership to out of hours cover and services. However, on the plus side of this, the rates can be much higher than a salaried GP. On average a starting session rate in the current market is €260, but a Locum GP can earn up to €400 a session. This is a yearly difference of €42k.

Be in charge of your own work schedule

Want a full week off? Only want to work a part time week? No problem! Because the demand is so high for GPs at the moment, you can be very open about when you would like to work, and practices will take this all into consideration! Let us book you in for shifts/days that suit you and your personal life.

Let Clarity help you every step of the way

Why not get in touch today? Let me talk you through the benefits of Locuming as a General Practitioner with Clarity Locums. We help and support you with every step of the way. One to one personal service. Support with payroll, booking and . Our easy to use App service helps you negotiate and view shifts that suit your availability.

Get in touch with Laura today for more information:

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Posted on 08 July 2022 by Laura Mulchrone
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