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Salaries and Allowances for Relocating Nurses

If you're considering a career as a nurse in Ireland, one of the most important factors to consider is your potential earnings. Fortunately, Ireland offers competitive salaries for registered nurses, with opportunities for career progression and ongoing training programs. In this article, we'll take a closer look at nurse salaries in Ireland and the various allowances that nurses can receive.

Nurse Salary Scale in Ireland

In general, the nurse salary in Ireland is based on a salary scale set out by the Irish Nurses and Midwifery Organisation (INMO). This scale is based on experience, with yearly increments as you learn and develop. According to the INMO, the starting salary for a newly qualified nurse in Ireland is €33,193. From there, the salary increases on average €1,500 per year, with the top of the scale for nurses with 12 years of experience being €49,385.

*It's worth noting that these figures are based on the INMO salary scale and may vary depending on the specific healthcare institution you work for.

INMO Salary Scale

Location and Qualification Allowances

In addition to the INMO salary scale, nurses in Ireland can also receive allowances. The two most common forms of allowance are location and qualification allowances. It's important to note that you can only receive one of these allowances, whichever is greater.

Location Allowance
The location allowance is around €2,516 per year and is applied when a nurse works in a particularly specialised or high-intensity environment, such as a busy emergency department or a high-dependency unit. This allowance is based on the area in the hospital in which you are stationed and is not related to your place of residence.

Qualification Allowance
The qualification allowance is €2,791 and applies to nurses who have an extra qualification that is immediately relevant to their work, such as a Master’s degree. It's important to note that once a nurse reaches a certain point, such as becoming a clinical nurse manager, they are no longer entitled to the qualification allowance.

INMO Location Allowances

Thinking of Relocating and Working as a Nurse in Ireland?

If you're considering relocating to Ireland and working as a nurse, it's important to do your research and understand the salary and allowance structure. The INMO salary scale and allowances provide a solid foundation for understanding nurse salaries in Ireland, but it's important to remember that the figures may vary depending on the specific institution you work for.

In addition to competitive salaries and allowances, Ireland offers excellent opportunities for career progression and ongoing training programs. With a strong healthcare system and a growing demand for healthcare professionals, Ireland is a great place to pursue a career in nursing. If you'd like to learn more about nursing opportunities, please feel free to contact us today or apply to any of our vancancies.

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Posted on 03 May 2023 by Laura Mulchrone
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