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Relocation Series: Introduction to Nursing In Ireland

Thinking of relocating to work as a Nurse in Ireland? Let us give you a brief outline of the nursing roles, salary scales and benefits of working available to nurses in Ireland.


In Ireland our Healthcare Systems are divided into numerous different settings.

Community nursing is care for the patient within their own home, it can be covering areas such as wound care management, diabetes or even complex care.

The hospitals in Ireland are divided into public and private institutes. Most public hospitals will cover a range of illnesses, with some of them specialising in particular care. Most private hospitals would also cover everything that a public hospital does with some exceptions: such as accident and emergency departments; they tend to be more appointment and referral driven.

Clinical settings cover most of the other step down facilities, day care surgeries, urgent care clinics as well as your local Family Doctor or General Practitioner; known as a Medical Practice. Other facilities can include hospice centres, and rehabilitation units.

Ireland has an ever growing ageing population and we rely heavily on Nursing Homes throughout our Country which support geriatric and dementia care.

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Open roles available

We work with a variety of clients with different roles every week. Our most popular roles are the hospital settings which cover a lot of specialities. Most nurses in Ireland would train and develop in one speciality EG. Oncology, Medical Surgical, Theatre Etc.
We also have numerous roles in the Community Setting, Practice Settings as well as Nursing Home vacancies.

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Public VS Private

Our public healthcare system is run by the Health Service Executive or HSE for short. The recruitment process for the HSE is very slow and long. Most nurses would start working for the HSE through agency roles first, where you are contracted to work through a private company.
There are over 18 different private hospitals in Ireland that are run under The Private Hospitals Association. The benefits available in the private sector are just as good if not better than the HSE. Your dedicated recruitment consultant can discuss the benefits available with each role.



Some of the benefits available with Healthcare facilities in Ireland include:

  • Sign On Bonus
  • Monday to Saturday - Day Shifts
  • Accommodation Support
  • Sick Leave Schemes
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Paternity Benefits
  • 20+ days annual leave or 8% of your time worked
  • And many many more….

Salary Scale

Salary in Ireland is based on the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation pay scale. The INMO pay scale is split into 30 types of job roles, with different pay bands for each job role depending on the experience of the nurse.

For a nurse starting out on the first point of the INMO scale the starting salary is €32,549.

The salary scale increases for every year of experience you have after your qualification. And pay per hour is based on a 37.5 hour week. The INMO are always trying to improve the pay rates for Nurses and Midwives working in the Irish Healthcare system, so the nursing pay scales are constantly subject to change and updated in late 2022.

Some roles are also subject to a location allowance of up to €2.5k per year on top of the basic salary, as well as overtime, premium rates for late evenings, overnights and weekends.

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Training and Continuous Development

Irish nurses are considered to be some of the best trained in the world! So why wouldn’t you want to come and learn with the BEST!

As well as numerous employers willing and able to help you develop your skills and specialities; a full induction and training plan will be created for you in your new role. Including reviews within your probationary period which is 6 months in Ireland.

Most employers will also fund courses for you to complete to upskill and develop such as a Post Grad or Masters in a speciality or Nursing Management.


The Health Service Executive also has numerous courses available for free for you to complete online prior to coming to Ireland or as part of your pre-employment forms. HSeLanD is the national online learning and development portal. Built on a fully integrated Learning and Talent Management System, HSeLanD is developed and maintained by the HSE National HR Capability and Culture function. The HSeLanD team works collaboratively with hospitals, HSE divisions, and teams to develop and deliver high quality online learning, training, and development opportunities to support the wider Irish health and social care workforce.

Ready to Relocate? Why not let us help!

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