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Applying Through Clarity Recruitment - How It Works

Having the right people guide you through your job search will make all the difference when it comes to finding the right role. If you are on the hunt for a job in healthcare, whether it’s full-time, part-time or temporary work, uploading your CV is a great way to get started on the hunt, but what happens next?


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Step 1 - Consultation and Profiling

Our experts at Clarity will gather as much information as possible through a virtual or phone consultation at a time that suits you. This includes finding out where you reside and how far you are willing to commute, the type of position you desire, the current experience you have and any relevant skills, qualities, values or qualifications to find the most suitable role for you.

Step 2 - Research

Once we narrow down your areas of strengths, experience and what new challenge you are seeking we can start the hunt for suitable roles. Once determined Clarity’s expert recruiters then go into detail on each role to ensure it is the right role for you. Clarity go through details such as the staffing, client name and location, systems used, types of patients, volume level and any other crucial criteria you need to know before applying.

Step 3 - Application

Once you are happy with the roles we have gone through, Clarity then revise and redo your CV in order for it to stand out. All applications are fully confidential so when sending on your application to the client we remove identifiable information such as your last name and previous employer exact details. We call this application a candidate profile. Along with this document we send the client an overview of your CV and your requirements such as salary, working preferences and other details that will make your application stand out from the rest.

Clarity also offers guidance and recommendations for writing your CV and cover letter for anyone who might not have done a CV in recent years. This could mean tweaking anything from layout, content, appearance, or language to make you appear the obvious match to the employer. We can also help you write a striking personal statement. This will also prevent any silly mistakes from snatching your chance to impress at the interview stage.

We will only submit your CV profile with your approval. With Clarity it is simple! We can apply to multiple roles that suit you, widening your chances of finding that perfect fit.


Step 4 - Approval

At Clarity we work very closely with our clients in order to find the right fit. This means we have an excellent relationship with hiring managers and decision makers. Once your CV profile is submitted to the client we will send you a notification, then once approved we will contact you. For pharmacy roles, Clarity aims to have an interview organised within 48 hours of sending on your application and will update you if the process is delayed in any way. This means you will not need to wait around or wonder if your application has been seen.


Step 5 - Interview Preparation

Clarity offers unique interview preparation at a day and time that suits you. Each session is carefully designed and linked to previously asked interview questions from the client you are set to interview with. Our recruiters will go through the interview structure, questions that previous candidates have been asked, sample best practice answers as well as doing mock interviews with you.

At Clarity, we will provide helpful feedback at every stage to maximise your chance of success. This preparation can give you the competitive advantage and extra edge over others applying for the role and can make all the difference!


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Step 6 - Interview Process

After the interview Clarity will then ask you for feedback and gather in depth feedback from the client.

In some cases the client may then ask for the candidate to work a paid day in the company before the role would go to the offer stage. This ensures that you are happy with the company and the company is the right fit for you before any offer is made.


Step 7 - A Job Offer

Once the candidate has been deemed suitable and has cleared the selection stages and been offered a position, the process of offer negotiation will then start. This is essentially where we will use our bargaining and negotiating skills with the client to agree on the exact salary, bonuses, allowances and any other benefits that can be squeezed in. This makes the offer one which you will hopefully be happy to accept! If you are unsuccessful, we will ask the client for their feedback on your interview so that you can improve on these pointers for future interviews.


Step 8 - Joining The Company

The offer is now closed and you have been given your start date. At this stage we want your transition to be easy and seamless.

Clarity aim to ensure you have the best chance of getting your dream role and are here at every stage for guidance and are always a phone call away should you have any questions. Now you have a better grasp of what happens throughout the process, the next step for you is to upload your CV with us here.


Getting Started

Now you know how the process works, it’s time to get in touch! We offer FREE 1-1 career consultations, any time and day that suits you. During this call we will guide you through:

  • Your career and options
  • Jobs and opportunities in your area, details on items, staffing etc.
  • Salary and packages offered for your experience
  • Developing your CV and cover letter so it stands out.
  • Interview preparation and interview question samples

Get in touch with us today, choose Clarity!

To get booked in simply email [email protected] or call 01-5673123.

Posted on 22 January 2022
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