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Advantages of Agency Nursing

Looking to become an Agency Nurse but unsure whether it’s for you or not? Well, here are all of the advantages of working as an Agency Nurse!

Highly Flexible

With Agency Nursing, you can decide when and where you want to work! Free on the weekends? You can decide to do some extra shifts! Enjoying a particular setting? (e.g acute/ nursing home setting) You are in full control to put yourself forward for any shifts that tickle your fancy.

Determine your Own Wage (to an extent)

Want to work a full 39 hour week or maybe you only want to do an odd shift here and there for some extra cash! With Agency Nursing you are totally in control of your wages and income! Have something big coming up like holidays, a wedding? You can gain extra wages on top of your annual salary.

Good Work/ Life Balance

The great thing about deciding when and where you want to work is that it allows you to plan holidays, see your friends and family, not missing out on the small things in life etc. You are in full control of work- life balance, and this is extra special especially as a busy Nurse!

Gain a Broad Depth of Experience

By working days here and there, you can gain lots of experience in different wards, hospitals, settings, working with different patients & working with new colleagues! Making every working day different.

Limited Responsibilities

As an Agency Nurse, you won’t have the typical responsibilities of a permanent employee such as dealing with day to day issues, completing management tasks etc.



If you'd like to know more or get started with agency nursing you can contact us today ([email protected]). We are also having a free webinar next week to go through everything you need to know about getting started as an agency nurse with Clarity. Click the button below to sign up.



Posted on 03 June 2022 by Abbie Foran
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