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5 Ways to Prepare for your New Pharmacy Role

Thinking about a new pharmacy position? There are countless reasons to consider a career change – increased salaries, improved benefits, new duties and responsibilities. All of these adding to your overall professional satisfaction. If you're having any doubts about your current role, that could be an indication that you need a change.

Not sure where to start? We have hundreds of pharmacy positions around Ireland, and a range of free services to help you land your dream role.

Steps to Finding Your New Pharmacy Role:

1. Confidential, One-to-One Career Consultation

Let's start your job hunt together by figuring out what you're looking for. Have a chat with one of our expert recruiters about your experience and skills, clue us in about what position you're hoping to get, and let us tell you about upcoming roles, what jobs we think would suit you, and just point you in the right direction!

2. CV Creation and Editing

The first thing a prospective employer will see is your CV, so it's important that this is up to par. Whether you want to update your existing resumé or start from scratch, we can guide you through the process, and even do this for you! 

3. Interview Preparation

Suffer from pre-interview nerves? It happens to the best of us! At Clarity, we can get you interview ready with previous questions asked by employers, provide you with sample answers, and conduct mock interviews. This can all be done face-to-face, via phone call or video call! Whatever method, date and time suits you. 

4. Get Your Documents Sorted

As mentioned, there's a lot to do before landing a job and the pre-employment process can take a couple of weeks to complete. You also need to consider Garda Vetting, new starter forms, etc. At Clarity we can help with all of this so don't hesitate to ask!

5. Apply Now, Start Later

The final step to getting a new role is... to apply! You'll never start unless you make the move. Give yourself enough time to work your notice period! Our clients are recruiting now for an immediate start so no need to wait! 


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What Awaits You at Clarity:

Roles Available:

We have hundreds of pharmacy jobs available around the country. Our positions include:

  • Superintending Pharmacist: One of the most desirable roles within the industry, and one of the rarely advertised roles also. Multidisciplinary management of specialised teams.
  • Supervising Pharmacist: Managing all aspects of a store is a massive step in your career, and we at Clarity can help you to get this growth & development opportunity for your future!
  • Support Pharmacist: Full & Part-time opportunities are only a click away! The most versatile roles within pharmacy, being able to take on new duties and to grow yourself as much and as fast as you desire.
  • Pharmacy Technician: Balancing the duties of the dispensary and customer service gives you the 'best of both worlds', offering flexibility, relationship building opportunities as well as amazing career growth into management.

View all vacancies here


Here are some of the benefits you can expect with our pharmacist roles:

  • Competitive salaries for all roles
  • Flexible rosters
  • Monday-Friday rotas available
  • Pension schemes
  • Negotiable packages (annual leave, sick days etc)
  • Relocation allowances available
  • On-site / free parking
  • Stores located on public transport corridors
  • Multi-cultural teams
  • Community & customer driven

Meet Our Team

Find jobs in ever corner of Ireland with our expert recruitment team. Let us guide you through your job search, from start to finish! Get in touch below.

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Head of Pharmacy Recruitment

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Senior Pharmacy Recruitment Consultant

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Pharmacy Recruitment Consultant

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Pharmacy Recruitment Consultant

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Pharmacy Recruitment Consultant

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Posted on 10 January 2023
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